06 March 2007

Distant trees

Here's another watercolour. Unfortunately, I made a bit of a mess of trying to add some texture to the otherwise rather empty hillside in the middle ground. But the main point of this was to try mixing lots of different greens and getting the distant trees to be interesting. I'm not sure about their interest, but mixing the greens was useful. I'm starting to get very fed up with Payne's grey, as it lightens so much when it dries; I'll have to try some alternatives for mixing dark greens. Any suggestions gratefully received!


lulu said...

try make your greens cool or worm, the point is the light. people have feelings, light is the feelings of the nature. light make things have two sides, cool and worm. and it has so much many interesting colours on everyside!

Anita said...

Dave I like this, it makes me feel peaceful and rested.