28 October 2005


Here is a drawing I've done of my daughter, Sarah. It's graphite (2B mechanical pencil to be exact) on cartridge paper. It was based on a photograph that was taken a year or so ago; she's now got her front teeth back! I'm going to send this to my mother (who is just about to go off on a month's cruise around the Caribbean, lucky thing!) for her birthday. Now my wife wants me to do another one with teeth!

26 October 2005

Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill
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This is my first attempt at a "proper" pen and ink drawing. It's a lot harder than the experts make it look! That's always the way, isn't it. :( Anyway, I was quite pleased with the foliage, but I need more practice (and patience!) with the bricks and tiles.

20 October 2005


This is our cat, Emma. The photograph was taken just a few days before she died. Sadly, she contracted the FIP virus, and became very weak. Fortunately, our other cat, Pan, is still very happy and healthy.

03 October 2005


I've been trying to make myself do some regular sketching recently. Here are a couple of pencil sketches. OK, I admit it...I did them from photographs. I'm not quick enough to be able to sketch actual, moving people yet. But, maybe with enough practice, one day...

Pen and ink drawing

I've recently obtained some rapidograph pens, which I love. Here's what they are like: rotring international. My first attempt at a drawing with them was this lump of wood. Quite pleased with it, though I think they are going to take a bit of getting used to. You have to hold them pretty much vertical to the paper, and they don't seem to flow very smoothly if you do anything other than pull the pen toward you. But the lines are lovely and clear. I'm going to experiment a bit with stippling, too, though I'm not sure I've got the patience for that.