26 September 2007


Continuing with the autumn theme, here is a watercolour sketch of a horse chestnut, or a conker as they are better known in the UK. I haven't seen anyone playing conkers for ages. Do kids still play it? When I was a kid is was a big thing. Everyone had their own method for hardening them!

20 September 2007


Autumn is definitely in the air these days. The leaves are beginning to turn, there's a bit of a chill in the air in the mornings, and there are hips on the old rose in our garden. Here's a quick watercolour sketch of some of them.

12 September 2007

More fruit

Here is the peach with some added colour, using Inktense pencils. I was going to sketch a banana, but then I ate it! Luckily, an empty banana skin is, if anything, more interesting to sketch than a full one. This also uses Inktense pencils and a Copic pen. And just to round off today's post and old-style red telephone box. This is a K6, the most common variation on the original design by G.G. Scott.

09 September 2007

EDM #133 - a peach

I've been enjoying our annual street party today. Lots of good food, wine, a band so we could dance in the street. We even had a fly-past! One person in the street has a part share in a single-engined plane and flew over the street during the party!! That's one up for us over our rival streets! As I rest my sore feet (I'm sure they didn't used to get sore from dancing!), I did a quick sketch of a peach for EDM # 133. Now I look at it, I think it would be nice to add some colour, so perhaps I'll do that tomorrow. At the moment, I'm not sure you would know it was a peach...it could be a plum, or a nectarine!

06 September 2007

EDM #30 -- a chair

This is a chair from my mother's house. It's my attempt at EDM challenge number 30. My parents have had it for many years; I remember sitting on it when I was a child. It was my favourite because you could swing round and round on it!

05 September 2007


I've always had problems drawing boats, so when I was down on the South Coast recently I took the chance to spend some time sketching at Lymington. This is a great place to find boats; there are almost too many to choose from, from large fishing boats to tiny dinghies.

It's one of the most popular sailing centres in the country, located on the sheltered western Solent. I've sailed there a lot in the past, but don't currently have a boat.

These are all very simple boats, though some of them are done from quite tricky (or me!) angles. All done with a Rotring art pen.

EDM #10 (a hand) and #13 (a telephone)

Continuing with my efforts to get back into the (more or less) daily sketching habit, here are a couple more EDM challenges. The first was a blind contour drawing done with a Rotring art pen, with the wash done later. The mobile phone was done with a a Copic multiliner. More to come soon!