05 September 2007


I've always had problems drawing boats, so when I was down on the South Coast recently I took the chance to spend some time sketching at Lymington. This is a great place to find boats; there are almost too many to choose from, from large fishing boats to tiny dinghies.

It's one of the most popular sailing centres in the country, located on the sheltered western Solent. I've sailed there a lot in the past, but don't currently have a boat.

These are all very simple boats, though some of them are done from quite tricky (or me!) angles. All done with a Rotring art pen.


Africantapestry said...

you've done great with these boat sketches and I especially like the one at the right, full front view with once again just a touch of shading...simple but very effective!

Laureline said...

Boats ARE hard, Dave, I completely agree. Your sketches are so well done, though. I really admire your commitment to your drawing, especially in the midst of all that you're doing in your other daylight hours.

Teri C said...

Great bunch of boats! They are all different and so interesting.