22 March 2008

Trip to Australia

I've not posted for a few days because I've been preoccupied with getting ready for our trip to Australia. We leave tomorrow!! I've never been before, so it's very, very exciting. We'll be spending a week in Sydney, then going to Port Douglas and then on to Bloomfield in the Daintree rainforest. Can't wait!! So, here are a few random sketches that I've done in breaks from packing. I might not be able to post again until mid-April. But, I'm taking pens, pencils and paints with me, so with any luck there'll be something to show you all when I get back.

15 March 2008


It's the time of year when the garden is starting to bloom again. We don't have a lot of bulbs, but we do have some trees that now are in blossom, and also a camellia that is now coming in to flower. It was actually warm enough to sit outside and do a quick sketch of one of the flowers this afternoon, before the rain came down.

04 March 2008

EDM #143 -- draw a herb or spice

I haven't done an EDM challenge for ages, but thought doing a sketch of a nutmeg would be a real challenge! You'd need hours and hours to do something like this justice, but this was a fun quick sketch.

03 March 2008

Magdalen Tower, Stage 2

Here's an update on the Magdalen College tower drawing. It's been good to get back in touch with the pencils and paper again, and although I'm not particularly happy with the drawing, I think it's served its purpose, so I'm going to leave it at that and do something that I'm more excited about!