23 January 2006

Eton College Chapel finished

Here's the finished painting. Lots wrong with it, but my best yet, so I'm quite pleased. Fiddled too much with some parts of it, but other bits work OK.

16 January 2006

Eton College chapel WIP

I've started watercolour classes recently, and here is a beginning of an attempt to paint Eton College chapel. This watercolour malarky isn't easy!

13 January 2006

InkFinger: Blind Contour Friday

I really like the drawings at InkFinger. The Blind Contour Friday is a great idea; here is a link to the latest one: InkFinger: Blind Contour FRIday 24.

Here's a simple blind contour drawing of my own.

I haven't been getting much artwork done recently, but I have started going to watercolour classes again. With any luck I'll have a painting to post on Monday!