02 July 2007

Radcliffe Infirmary

Tonight I had the chance to spend about half an hour making a sketch of the fountain at the front of the old Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford. It's an historic site: the hospital opened in 1770, but it closed in January this year, with all its functions moving to a new site in Oxford. The original building is very interesting, but behind it is an ugly sprawl of buildings that have been put up over the years. The site has been taken over by Oxford University, who are going to turn it into teaching and research facilities. They'll have to preserve the original building, but I expect the rest will go.

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Anita said...

Oooh Dave I really like this, so loose and yet well formed and deffinately has a stone like quality.
Glad to hear they'll be getting rid of all the newer UGLIER buildings. ;)

Robyn said...

Wow - this is great Dave! You have nailed the stone perfectly and have lovely 3D form.

Carole said...

I love the loose, 'splashy' quality of this painting. Really summery.

I visited the Radcliffe Infirmary a couple of years ago for a hearing appointment. I didn't realise they were closing it. I took the opportunity to do some sketching while I was there in the Ashmolean. I do miss Oxford's Museums and Galleries.

Deborah said...

The texture and shading of this is lovely. I really enjoy the little speckles of paint around the figure. You always have great images to share. Thanks.