12 January 2008

Life Class

Not a great start to the New Year for me. First, I lost my beloved iPod. Luckily, I haven't actually lost any music, but it is still a big blow. I'll just have to get a fancy new one to replace it! Then I got ill...not the stomach thing that everyone else in Britain seems to be coming down with, but something called labyrinthitis, a problem in the ear that makes it hard to keep your balance. So, I walk around as if I was drunk, only without actually having had anything to drink: the worst of all possible worlds! Fortunately, it is getting better and, according to the doctor, shouldn't last more than a week. In fact, I was well enough today to go to a new life class that has just started near where I live. I'm so excited! I've never done a life class before. Actually, it isn't really a class; it's just a couple of hours with a model, but that's OK with me. Unfortunately, it's only once a month, but perhaps if it proves popular it will become more frequent. Anyway, here are my efforts from today, all in charcoal on A3 paper and all five minute poses except for the last one that was half an hour.


Anita said...

Dave, hope you are soon feeling better or at least feeling worse WITH alcohol! LOL!
These are amazing for a first class and a short time limit, I especially like that last one...beautiful!

Katherine said...

These are very impressive for first life class. It looks like you worked big. Most people usually work small - and in a very tight way - whereas I think I can see your whole arm working on these!

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh Dave, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill. Hopefully you are feeling better now. These drawings are amazing. You are fortunate to have the live model to work from. I hope it catches on and you have more sessions.

Happy New Year!

Robyn said...

Wonderful to see you posting again, Dave. I've had that 'Walks like a Drunk' problem and you wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

Great result from your life class - I can't draw anything in 5 minutes! I too think the last one is terrific. I'd love a life class to attend. Looking forward to your next big, bold nudes.

E-J said...

Dave, many thanks as ever for visiting my blog!

Sorry to hear you've been ill. What on earth has been going on with all these bugs?? In 2007 I had repeated colds, coughs, flu, vertigo, the winter vomiting bug, a throat infection ... Here's hoping it all ends right here!

You've never taken a life class before? I am very impressed. I have attended classes before (where there WAS a tutor present, but in practice each student only got moments with them anyway) and it can be surprisingly exhausting physically.

Anita said...

Dave - you are on a roll! Well done with these! Great to find you on Facebook too!

Jeanette said...

Fabulous sketches Dave. Aren't those short poses killers?

I finally found a life class here once a week for 2 hours and boy I was shattered at the end of it!