31 May 2007

Watercolour portrait, WIP

I've decided to do a watercolour based on the graphite portrait of Liz that I've been showing here. This is a new challenge for me; I've never tried painting a portrait before, so it's a bit scary. In fact, I didn't even have much idea how to mix a good skin tone; in the end I found the yellow ochre a alizarin crimson are commonly used, so that's what I've tried, with the addition of cobalt blue for shadows. This is just a first wash, there's a lot more to do.

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Robyn said...

Skin tone looks good. I find watercolour portraits quite difficult. Look forward to following the progress on yours.

Anita said...

Looking good Dave, how brave of you to attempt your first online like this...Good for you!!!
Here is a link to a watercolour portrait I did some time ago that has details of the palette I used listed in the thread.
Hope that proves helpful!


swee said...

Watercolour portraits are never easy. I tried, I know. Keep up the good work and practice will make yours perfect.