16 April 2007


I'm back from my trips to Switzerland and Scotland. I've a few sketches to share, though not as many as I'd hoped. This is partly because my poor wife tore a knee ligament on her first day skiing, and so was unable to take to the slopes herself. As a result, I had to spend most of the week making sure nothing similar happened to my daughter and two nephews! As I don't ski myself, that was a bit of a challenge!! The other reason is that various people begged me to give them the best sketches that I did manage to do, so I only have a few left. Does this happen to other people? It's hard to say no, especially to the kids, even though a selfish part of me didn't really want to part with them. (Of course, I couldn't really expect to keep the sketch of Pads the PDSA beanie baby puppy with a bandaged paw...). Anyway, here is a sketch I managed to do on the first day in Switzerland, from a place called Riffelberg, not far up the mountain from Zermatt.

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