13 February 2007

Some studies

I've been following Diane Wright's landscape drawing tutorials on WetCanvas.
Here are some of the studies that I've done so far.


lulu said...

I like the trees that you drew. And glad to know something about life in your place by these pictures.
I am chinese, doing illustrations, for magazine and book.I'll visit your pages very often , and hope see more works here!
good day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my pictures. Do you have a blog I could visit?

lulu said...

I did have a blog, but I cancel it 2 monthes ago because it really needs many many attention...byebye my baby BLOG!
A friend of mine have, she's also illustrator, and designer. http://luling2006.spaces.live.com/?owner=1
I can paste my pictures on that page.