17 April 2008

Lifeclass 3

I went to my third life drawing class the other day. This time we had a different model, which was good, even though this lady was obviously a bit nervous about it. Not that I blame her; it's a weird thing to do, isn't it!

This first set were all five minute poses, drawing on A3 cartridge paper using charcoal.

The next two were fifteen minute poses, the first using charcoal again and the second one using a large, flat graphite pencil.

The last pose was 45 minutes and I used a wax pastel for this one, a medium that I've never used before. I'm quite pleased with how it came out (though less pleased with the rubbish photograph of it!).

I was pleased to find out that these classes are now being held twice per month, so I should be showing more drawings soon. This weekend I'm off to Cambridge (I'm examining some poor guy's PhD thesis tomorrow; hope he's not too nervous, I'm quite a gentle examiner really!!), so maybe I'll get some sketching done there. Who knows, I might bump into Anita!


Robyn Sinclair said...

Very impressive, Dave. Your 5 minute poses are amazing. I think they are all great. Lucky you to have two classes per month.

I hope you took your PhD candidate out for a beer to calm him/her down afterwards ;)

Anita Davies said...

I hope you have time for sketching in Cambridge.
Now, although I live in Cambridgeshire, Cambridge is actually an hour's drive from me...Crazy huh!
Nice figure work, shame about the photo on the last one, even in this state I can see it would have been a very pleasing sketch to view....Perhaps it's worth another shot with your camera?