27 April 2008

Lizzie, WIP part 4

I've done some more work on my portrait of my niece, Lizzie. It's coming along quite nicely, though I'm beginning to wish that she had shorter hair! There's something not quite right with the likeness, though I just don't seem to be able to put my finger on what it is. It's getting closer, though!

Meanwhile, I'm feeling rather stiff today. I foolishly allowed myself to be talked in to entering a 10km (6 mile) "fun run" that is raising money form Muscular Dystrophy. Given that the last time I ran in any sort of race was my school sports day when I ran the 800m (a distance that I remember thinking at the time was unreasonably long!), I thought I'd better get in some practice. My big fear (apart from doing something really silly like tripping over a kerb) is being overtaken by someone dressed as a slice of toast. So, I went for a five mile run this morning, which I did in 48 minutes 33 seconds. Since I've never run five miles before, I guess this counts as a personal best, or PB as my running friends all say! Three more weeks before the actual event...

22 April 2008

Lizzie, WIP part 3

Another hour or so to work on this drawing this evening. I've only got about three weeks to get everything I need finished before the show, so I hope to make faster progress later in the week. But I think it is going to be OK...fingers crossed! I've done some more work on the face, trying to smooth the texture as well as adding some more details.

PS For some reason the scanner seems not to be working properly, so this looks much less smooth than it really is.

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21 April 2008

Lizzie, WIP part 2

Just managed an hour or twos work on this tonight, but thought I would post the latest update anyway.

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20 April 2008

Lizzie, WIP part 1

I've finally succeeded in getting a good reference photo of my niece, Lizzie, so I'm doing a drawing of her that I hope will be ready in time to include in the group show that I'm going to take part in during Oxford Artweeks. I say "group show" because that sounds like something a proper artist would take part in! Actually, it's a group of members of Medley Sailing Club who have decided to put on a show in our clubhouse, which is located right on the banks of the Thames in Port Meadow. I thought it would be fun to take part, because every year I go around and see as many artists' work as I can but I would never have thought of joining in myself until this idea came up.

As for the drawing, it's early days yet but I think the pose is a nice one, so it should make for a good drawing. Though as usual now that I come to post it I can see a problem with the right eye and there's something not quite right with the mouth...I always have problems with mouths! Still, plenty of time to put those things right...

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17 April 2008

Lifeclass 3

I went to my third life drawing class the other day. This time we had a different model, which was good, even though this lady was obviously a bit nervous about it. Not that I blame her; it's a weird thing to do, isn't it!

This first set were all five minute poses, drawing on A3 cartridge paper using charcoal.

The next two were fifteen minute poses, the first using charcoal again and the second one using a large, flat graphite pencil.

The last pose was 45 minutes and I used a wax pastel for this one, a medium that I've never used before. I'm quite pleased with how it came out (though less pleased with the rubbish photograph of it!).

I was pleased to find out that these classes are now being held twice per month, so I should be showing more drawings soon. This weekend I'm off to Cambridge (I'm examining some poor guy's PhD thesis tomorrow; hope he's not too nervous, I'm quite a gentle examiner really!!), so maybe I'll get some sketching done there. Who knows, I might bump into Anita!

15 April 2008

Another batch of Australia sketches

Here are another batch of sketches from my recent trip to Australia. These are all done in and around Bloomfield, a secluded area in the Daintree Forest, in northern Queensland.

14 April 2008

Australia sketches

These first set of sketches were done in the airport or on the plane. Done on lined paper because I cleverly packed my sketchbooks in my luggage!

Our first stop was in Sydney, but I didn't get much chance to sketch there. I did manage a very quick one of, inevitably, Sydney Opera House. I have to say, it is an amazing building, inside as well as out. We were lucky to hear an amazing performance of Shostakovich's 8th symphony in the lovely concert hall. And I also did a quick sketch of a gum tree!

More to come soon!

09 April 2008

I'm back!

I'm back from Australia, jet lagged and a bit stiff from the marathon session in economy-class seats, but having had a wonderful time! I did get the chance to do some sketching, so when I've got myself organized to scan them, I'll show them here. Meanwhile, here are some photos to whet your appetite!

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