11 April 2006

Art news

For anyone living or visiting the UK, this site is great for listing what's showing in art galleries and museums. I'm very keen to get to the exhibition of drawings by Michaelangelo that's showing at the British Museum until 25 June.

Read more at www.artuk.com/art_news....

08 April 2006

New Forest Oak

Here is a quick sketch I did on a recent trip to the New Forest. It's pen and ink, washed over with water. I like the way the colours separate out when you do this.

07 April 2006

Magdalen Tower, Oxford

Here is another watercolour, this time showing a well-known scene in Oxford: the tower of Magdalen College. It's a lovely spot, especially on May Morning, when the college choiresters sing from the top of the tower at dawn. One year I might actually get out of bed in time to hear them!

06 April 2006

Lake District watercolour

I've not posted anything for ages...I hope that's going to change, as there are at least a few weeks when I'm not expecting to be quite as busy with work as I have been.

Anyway, I've been continuing to try to get a bit better with watercolours. Here's a recent effort. The scene is in the English Lake District.